31 May - 3 June 2016   -   International Conference

"Lakes, Reservoirs and Ponds: Impacts - Threats - Conservation"

About Conference

Freshwater resources are essential to maintain the ecological functions, biodiversity preservation and socio-economical development but at the same time, they are highly vulnerable to degradation. The ecological damage caused by various human activities is manifested, among many, by: deterioration of water quality, lake shrinkages, floods, biodiversity loss, eutrophication, acidification, spread of toxic and persistent chemical pollutants, harmful algae blooms and public health threats. This, in turn, creates significant environmental and economical costs and raises serious concerns as to environmental function and safety. Given the important role of freshwater ecosystems, it is crucial to understand the functioning of these environments on physical, chemical and biological levels, identify threats exerted by various human activities including agriculture, urbanization and industrialization, develop strategies to prevent further ecological damage and finally, implement effective and environmental-friendly methods of environmental restoration.


The conference will take place between 31 May and 3 June 2016 in Hotel Port 110 in Iława, Poland. Hotel Port 110 is located in the most attractive point of Iława on the picturesque lake Jeziorak, and that place is named the Gate of Masuria. It used to be called as the leisure centre “Perkoz”, now – rebuilt and fully modernized three-star hotel. A perfect place for limnologists and related scientists to meet and discuss!

For more information please visit: http://www.port110.pl/en/

Dates and Deadlines

  • 1st of September 2015 – Invitation to take part in the Conference
  • 1st of October 2015 – The opening of the Conference registration and abstract submission
  • 15th of March 2016 – Deadline for abstract submission
  • 31st of March 2016 – Deadline for registration
  • 31st of May 2016 – Registration and accomodation (from 4.00 pm)
  • 1st of June - Opening Ceremony (9.00 am)

Travel Information

City of Iława is situated in north-east part of Poland and it is well communicated with other cities in country. From Warsaw: train towards Gdańsk (approx. 210 km, time of travel with IC approx. 110 min) From Gdańsk: train towards Warsaw (approx. 120 km, time of travel with IV approx. 65 min) Organization Committee will be delighted to help conference participants in reaching Iława in the most convenient way. Please feel free to contact us at: limnoconference@amu.edu.pl